ESXDOS aims to be the ultimate firmware for the DivIDE/DivMMC interface. Here's a list of current features:
  • DivIDE: Supports HDD/CDROM/ZIP/LS120 devices
  • DivMMC: Supports MMC/SD/SDHC devices
  • Device and filesystem abstraction layer
  • Full FAT16/FAT32 read/write support (no extended partitions, no LFN).
  • Virtual Disk support (up to 4 devices)
  • Betadisk/TR-DOS emulation using (trimmed) .TRD files
  • Provides extended BASIC commands
  • BASIC files integration using +3DOS headers for FAT filesystems
  • Support for seamless IM2 loading/saving, from BASIC and machine code
  • System commands loaded from /BIN dir of system drive
  • TAPE emulator supports reading/writing from/to TAP files. TAP attaching functions are available to external programs.
  • POSIX-based API usable by .commands, external programs and NMI.SYS. Functions available on rst $08:
  • open, read, write, close, opendir, readdir, seek, sync, fstat, getcwd, chdir, unlink...
  • Possibility of getting absolute LBA sector and device on an opened file (for direct I/O)
  • Kernel loads modules (.KO files) on demand
  • NMI.SYS support (NMI system is independent, ESXDOS kernel just provides services)

Get the latest version (0.8.6) here!

Email all bug reports to bugs at esxdos dot org or post a report on our board.

The esxdos bios/boot screen An esxdos cat of a FAT partition NMI system (by ub880d)

Previous Versions:

ESXDOS 0.8.5 Public BETA
ESXDOS 0.8.0 Public BETA
ESXDOS 0.7.4 Public BETA (bugfix release)
ESXDOS 0.7.3 Public BETA
ESXDOS 0.7.3 Public BETA with MAPRAM fix

Useful Tools:

Zilogator's Permutor v0.0

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